• Unique system for KG’s

    Implementation of International Unique system to enhance the student’s vocabulary and Reading skills through Flash Cards, ABL (Activity Based Learning) and Montessori method of teaching.

  • Infrastructure

    The lung space is marked with a colourful bonanza of fresh floral bounty. IPS is an awe inspiring wi-fi enabled infrastructure comprising of well ventilated classrooms, science, maths and language laboratories, libraries, Play and Sports areas, Music Studios are designed to be student friendly, age appropriate, safe and attractive.The school also has boarding facilities for boys and girls.

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    IPS attempts to infuse a spirit of deep appreciation of aesthetic nature and exposure to fine arts so as to appeal to the higher values in each individual. The school encourages children to pursue their areas of interest in music, dramatics, dance, karate, yoga, silambam, etc.

  • Self-Learning

    Self-studying is a learning method where students direct their own studying—outside the classroom and without direct supervision. Since students are able to take control of what (and how) they are learning, self-study can be a very valuable way for many students to learn.

  • Extracurricular

    Our IPS does not focus solely on academic skills but provides a holistic program of Co-curricular activities such as Physical Education , Work Experience, Drawing & Painting, Music , Moral Education, Silambam and uniform services are integrated in the curriculum.

    Pupils are divided into four houses. House Systems are accordingly formed to lead the students to a spontaneous and whole-hearted involvement and growth in the discipline of the School. House system gives a sense of identity and belonging and helps a student to develop the finer aspects of loyalty, co-operation and team spirit.