• A structure of mere bricks is not what we are comprised of. We offer best infrastructure, most efficient and qualified staff and a congenial environment to study. Hard work done by all the members not only provides a concrete foundation but also provides a magical thrust that leads students to success.
  • The school has a grand building comprising of Class Rooms, Science Labs, Computer Labs, Maths Lab, Multimedia Rooms,Library, Art & Craft Lab, Music Lab, Auditorium, Sports Room, Dinning hall etc.
  • A world class technology room that is equipped with LCD screen and a PC for the teacher. Through this technology several subjects are explained effectively.
  • We all know that Computers play a crucial role in our day to day life. To fulfill the demands of today‚Äôs Hi-Tech world, these Computer Labs have been the part of the institution in each wing.
  • Our Science Lab (i.Physics ii.Chemistry iii.Biology) is very spacious, equipped with latest equipments and safety gadgets and provides right ambience for experimentation.